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Wellness Consultations

Emily Rose offers herbal consultations in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is also available for house calls and phone consultations. The initial wellness consultation is typically 1.5 hours. In the first session you will discuss your intake form and primary complaints in detail. You will have a safe space to tell your story or share anything you feel.


At the end of the first session Emily will recommend herbs to support your healing journey. She often makes other lifestyle and diet-related recommendations as well. You can purchase the herbal remedies directly from Roots & Roses, or go to the apothecary of your choosing.


Follow-up sessions can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Any necessary adjustments to remedies or dosage will be made based on your progress.


Acupressure sessions are also available, either separate or woven into the herbal consultations.


Cost for Wellness Consultation. Please note that this fee does not include the price of herbs.


$135/1.5 hours

Please click on the attachment icon to download the Wellness Intake Form. 

The United States of America currently has no licensing policy in regards to Herbal Medicine, and as a clinical Herbalist and certified Acupressurist, Emily Rose is not a licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.). She does not prescribe drugs, issue a diagnosis, nor suggest cures.      


Emily's purpose is to educate her clients and students as to healing by natural processes. She considers herbs and foods to be nutritional assets to health, and it is in this way that she offers her advice. Although Emily personally believes that herbs are a part of good health care, she makes no claims for their medicinal actions. Any information offered is done so on the basis of research, experience, and traditional uses.


All clients and students of Roots & Roses agree to make their own choices as to what they do with the educational material they have been offered and are solely responsible for their own decisions and actions. It is always suggested that the client/student seek out the advice of a licensed health-care practitioner whenever they feel it is necessary in regards to their own personal health.

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